MMayFly - Tying


Milan Marjanovic, in love with waterlife and nature since early childhood.

The story of Milan Marjanovic is short: a simple passionate fisherman and a top world-class binder for making artificial flies.

Milan: 'I still remember when my father took me fishing for the first time, since then, fishing and tying flies are my love language to nature and water. As a kid, I always had a passion for sports which grew into it being a profession that lasted over 25 years. After 25 years I left the sport and chose to leave my hometown, and start building a new life in a new country called Slovenia.

After my long term life in Slovenia, I decided to start a company and create a brand called MMayFly - TyingShop (a company specializing in production of artificial flies) with which I would support me and my family.

Slovenia, being one of the prettiest and world known fishing attractions for artificial flies, my passion for fishing and aquaculture brought me to make my dreams of creating a brand, a reality. With the creation of MMayFly - Tying company, reality became my profession and so I started pointing this emotional energy into my creative spark that formed a company that creates high quality artificial flies from world renowned materials.

Today, with my professionalism, I inspire my customers, as well as my business partners from all over the world. On this road to a perfect service I build my foundations on long lasting experiences, I gained from my time fishing and competing with world known guides. All of us fly fishermen are driven by the same passion; superior prodiction of fish bait that imitates the natural act of a fish and a fly in the water.

Fly Fishing is a passion with which it will be impossible to escape the beauty of nature and fishing.

You can buy and order all of our hand-made products made from world known natural materials in our online store. Besides our standard made flies, I am dedicated to more technically demanding flies by the choice of customer-user.'


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